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Created in 2020, CAMPO SAGRADO, is a Premium quality tequila, produced in Hacienda Capellanía, cradle of various award winning internatinal premium tequilas. The Hacienda is sorrounded by vast blue agave fields, born from red soils, rich in minerals that give life and flavor to the blue gold of the region called “Los Altos de Jalisco, San José de Gracia”.

CAMPO SAGRADO originates from honouring and mixing 2 icons of Mexican Culture:
The ancient Mayas, a civilization that ruled Mexican southeast territories and is now recognized around the world for their great architecture and astrology legacy.
The Tequila, a legendary product and exilir by excellence of the Mexican people, inherited from their ancestors, native of the “Mexican Bajio”.

The name: “CAMPO SAGRADO“, makes reference to the epic field where only the bravest warriors could participate from the traditional ball game. And today, just like the warriors from the past, the Agave Workers go out to the field, in order to harvest the lands and give their very best in the CAMPO SAGRADO, with the same conviction, pride and responsability of their ancestors and with it, give origin to one of the most famous beverages in the world: The Tequila.

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