Our Process

In Tequila CAMPO SAGRADO our main goal is to fabricate Premium quality Tequila.
Our tequila is elaborated with agaves “Tequilana Weber V. Azul” of the highest quality. Those plants are nourished along their growth by the volcanic red soil, full of nutrients and minerals only found in los Altos de Jalisco region, where they are harvested and selected for our manufacturing process.

At a height of 1,900 meters above sea level, with an unique blue color and enjoyable weather, the agave fields decorate the landscape from 7 to 9 years, this is the period of time that Agave plants need to mature, right after that, we use a profile selection thechnique, developed over the ages by a dynasty of “Maestros Tequileros” (Tequila Making Masters) to pick only the very best agave specimens. This work guarantees the color, body, flavor and texture of Tequila CAMPO SAGRADO 100% Agave.

In CAMPO SAGRADO we also value how rich and diverse Mexican culture is, either by producing a tequila that satisfies the most demanding palates and most exclusive restaurants or by never forgeting our ROOTS… that’s why we support the artisans of the Maya region, by integrating fiber-made decoration to our products, obtained from another Agave species (HENEQUÉN) which is very common in the Maya region and has been used by Mayan artisans to transform it into beautiful bags, wallets, ropes and even shoes among other traditional items.

CAMPO SAGRADO is an experience of history & tradition… the culture of well drinking.